19 March 2010

Fashion on Stage 2010

Only by God's will and blessing can make my picture won 1st place in fashion on stage photo competition 2010 at focus, March 6, 2010, JHCC - Jakarta.

The main prize is brand new canon eos 7d and lowepro bag. I'll tell behind the story later.

Thanks a lot, Abba Father

02 March 2010


Start small:
We can only change in others what we have first changed in ourselves. So, let's vow to begin to go green at home.

Stop using paper or plastic plates, cups, napkins etc

Turn off electrical devices when not in use


Take shorter showers

Buy energy efficient light bulbs and appliances

Buy local and organic produce

Recycle everything you can

01 March 2010


God's masterpiece! Look at the detail of this leaf, PRICELESS
but humankind cut down a lot of tree :(