22 August 2007

18 April 2007

yesterday is history
tomorrow is mystery
but, today is a GIFT...

that's why they call it PRESENT...

so, start living your life to the fullest from today...

13 March 2007

the cloud
kamera canon 20d
21 january 2007
cuaca cerah, panas awan deket danau sunter

08 March 2007

panjat pinang
kamera canon 20d17 agustus 2006
jakarta, ancol, cuaca panas banget, ada 300-an panjat pinang saya lupa
so sleepy
kamera canon powershot g1
05 june 2004, 15:50 WIB; data teknis f/3.5, 1/50
beijing, china 北京, 中国 cuaca sejuk adem, musim semi, pasar sebrang blcu

06 March 2007

danau sunter
kamera inframerah canon 20d
21 january 2007, 16:35 WIB; data teknis f/22, 1/100
cuaca cerah, panas, ada beberapa orang pemancing di dekat pemotretan

21 February 2007

Calibrate your monitor

KODAK Gray Scale is a tool to calibarite your monitor

The first step in calibarating your monitor is to adjust the brightness and contrast controls to their optimal settings.

First, set the contrast control to its hightest setting

then, adjust the brightness control to make the black box number 19 as dark as possible but keeping the gradation visible.