26 April 2008

i'll be out of town for a month, that why i can't update my web :(

23 April 2008

Spinning Thread

Traditional spinning thread in Badui (Memintal benang secara tradisional di Badui)

20 April 2008

Social Gap

In front of a bank in Beijing, Wang Fujing street (Wángfǔjǐng 王府井大街), 2004

18 April 2008

Panjat Pinang 2

busy preparing everything

16 April 2008

Tantowi Yahya goin' country

browsing london zoo and find a lot of extinct animals, feel so sad

too many :(

14 April 2008


i'm back, because i heard a lot of image stealing in internet i'll add several watermark in the future just for the safety

09 April 2008

i'm out of town, i'll update later

07 April 2008



  • What got you started with photography in the first place?

in high school, shoot like crazy with film pocket camera everyday, and become hobby and passion, in university join photo club and Bandung photo club (PAF)

  • What and/or who has influenced you or helped sculpt your individual shooting style?

self taught photography, i think from a lot great pictures i saw before

  • To what locations has your career taken you?
Bandung and now Jakarta

  • What photography internships or apprenticeships have contributed to your training?
a lot photo seminars and workshop
  • What other photography interests do you have besides shooting weddings?
product, fashion, landscape, journalistic, etc (basically photography is my passion)

  • Where is your primary geographic location or area of work?
Jakarta - Bandung, Indonesia

  • How long have you had an interest in photography? How long have you been shooting weddings?
1993 shoot with borrowed film compact camera and try borrowed manual slr for the first time

1994 join photo club, and buy film manual slr camera + 1 lens from all my saving

1995 shoot first wedding

2002 shoot both analog and digital

2005 switch to digital camera

  • Are there other artists in your family or ancestry?
no, i guess

  • Has your work been exhibited in galleries or shows?
several times

  • Is there any previous non-photography or non-wedding work experience that has been instrumental in your development as a wedding photographer?

try to answer several question in this web

06 April 2008


05 April 2008

Lightning petir

fresh from the oven, taken a few hour ago,
it's hard to predict when lightning will strike, lighting was taken several time and blend in multi-layer, amazingly they are connected to each other

04 April 2008


03 April 2008

Family's back bone

This photo is hard to explain with words (to stay alive in Jakarta)

02 April 2008