25 February 2010


A lot photo of model still in raw format, i just edit a few of them. Next time I will write simple tutorial for photo editing.

23 February 2010


Sometime we stand between 2 road, which way you'll choose?

The colorful or the monochrome, we can't choose both!

22 February 2010

Get up

Fall seven time, GET UP eight
in Japanese is Japanese word for Fall Down Seven, Get Up Eight (nana korobi ya  oki) which is read nana korobi ya oki.

The Japanese phrase "nanakorobiyaoki" meaning "Fall Down Seven Times, Get Up Eight" is composed of the kanji (read nana) meaning "seven", (read korobi) meaning "to fall", (read ya) meaning "eight", and (read oki) meaning "to get up".

This popular Japanese phrase speaks to the importance of getting back up despite repeated failures and to keep on going despite setbacks.

11 February 2010

Dieng's grandpa

Last year with indonikon

06 February 2010

Street photography

Only one shot for this picture